Build an Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden

Before we were given the opportunity to have our large garden across the street, for several years we used these raised bed gardens that we created around the perimeter of our back yard. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on raised beds, so we got creative and found an inexpensive alternative. We used cement blocks!

build an affordable raised bed garden YEM

It was extremely affordable, because although cement blocks are around a dollar or so each at the hardware store, we discovered it was fairly easy to get them for around fifty cents each from local concrete companies, or even free from sites like Craigslist.

We just placed them side by side where we wanted them, and then hauled in soil from a local nursery. In previous years we have planted onions, lettuce, and garlic in the tiny centers of the blocks. The blocks also do a great job of holding in moisture, so you don’t always have to water your plants as much. We still use them in our back yard every year, and this year I filled an entire garden bed with wildflower seeds! You can follow me on Instagram to see the results in a couple of months!

Cement Block Garden Beds

It really is a great alternative to a traditional raised bed garden for someone who doesn’t want to spend the money on a pre-made garden bed, or for someone who does not have the access to tools or the skills to build wooden ones from scratch.

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8 thoughts on “Build an Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden

  1. Kalista Sabourin

    Great idea! We were planning on putting raised beds in this year but now we have to buy a new car so I thought we were out of luck. 🙁 I’m going to show this to my husband!

  2. humblelittlehomestead

    I have one small raised bed garden make out of cement blocks like that and I love it! I hope to eventually have enough one day to line all my garden beds with them. For now I have raised beds without anything lining them. It’s working ok so far but do have some places where the dirt is washing away. I like the looks of your garden, it’s all neat and tidy.


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