Have You Ever Dreamed of Traveling Full Time? We’re Doing it With Kids!

Hey guys! So, I have something to admit… our family did something a little crazy. We sold or stored most of our belongings, we rented our house, bought a camper, customized it to our needs, and left our hometown to travel the country.

full time family travel, traveling full time, nomadic family

Told you it was a little crazy! It’s something my husband and I have thought about for the past two years, and we finally did it. We’re traveling full time! Why? Well, we realized we weren’t living our lives the way we wanted to. Specifically for my husband, his life consisted of working constantly, sleeping, and filling any free time in with just being plain exhausted. We didn’t want to live our lives to pay bills. We didn’t want to live our lives to make money to buy the things we thought we needed to be happy. So, after much, much talking and planning, we did it. We changed the course of our lives over two months… and now we’re up in the mountains enjoying the sunshine and everything Colorado has to offer. We are living our life for us. My husband is achieving a closeness to our children that he never was able to have before because of work, and as a family, we are the happiest we’ve ever been.

full time family travel, traveling full time, nomadic family

I used to wonder why I couldn’t be happy even though I had everything most people always wanted. We had a house, nice cars, basically everything we could ever need, but I was just so incredibly stressed with bills and schedules and nonsense. So I changed my way of looking at life, and I’m glad to say that I’m finally truly happy. We have less material things now, but we’ve got all of the experiences and love we could ever need.

Others have gotten upset and told us that we’re irresponsible. They say to wait until our kids are grown to travel. I struggled with anxiety when it came to what people thought about our choice for a while, but then I realized that I can’t go on living my life in a way that I’m not satisfied just to make someone else feel better.

full time family travel, traveling full time, nomadic family

We feel like we want to experience the world with our children. We want to show them what it has to offer and make memories that they’ll keep with them forever, and traveling full time during their childhood is something they’ll never forget.

We’ve got our camper set up like a little home, and we just take it wherever our hearts desire. At the moment, we are staying at a campground in the High Rockies. Our kids are enjoying playing in the creeks and getting dirty every day, and my husband has plenty of time with us. We’re finding out that the world is a beautiful place, and we’re thankful that we made this crazy, wild, irresponsible, but wonderful decision. And so far, the best decision of our lives.

So, hopefully you’ll join us on our adventure from your computer screens! If you’s like to see what we’re up to, follow us on Instagram!

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  1. bonita morr

    Love to see you and your family are having a really great time. We will be watching for more posts!


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