The Ultimate Eco Friendly & Natural Toy Gift Guide

Eco Friendly & Natural Toys for Kids: The Ultimate Gift Guide

Why do we love natural toys for kids around our house? Because after being parents for a while, my husband and I have realized that we love the opportunity for imaginative play, and we love the quality that comes with toys made from eco-friendly, natural materials.

Eco-Friendly and Natural Toys for Young Children


Natural toys are safer, stronger, and so much more beautiful in many cases than cheaply made plastic toys and games. Most natural toys are very comparable in price to most of the junky stuff you can buy at the supermarket, and many of them have educational elements to them that make them all the more better!

If you’re looking for some natural toys for your little ones, than take a look at some of our favorites listed below.

Please be aware that some of the following links are affiliate links. We will make a small profit if you choose to purchase from them with no additional cost to you.

Eco Friendly & Natural Toys: Blocks Natural & Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Kids

  1. Window Blocks
  2. Grimm’s Rainbow Stacker
  3. Tegu Magnetic Blocks
  4.  Grimm’s Small Wooden Building Blocks
  5. Caves Nesting Blocks
  6.  Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks

Eco Friendly & Natural Toys: Pretend Play

Eco Friendly Natual Toys gift Guide Pretend Play

  1. Plan Toys Tea Set
  2. EverEarth Workbench
  3. Silk Streamer
  4. Organic Farm Block Set
  5. EverEarth Organic Fruit and Veggie Toy Cart
  6. Plan Toys Dolhouse
  7. Pocket Fairies
  8. Giant Play Silk

Eco Friendly & Natural Toys: Creative Play

Eco Friendly & Natural Toy Gift Guide

  1. Natural Lacing Beads
  2. Rock Crayons
  3. Wooden People Family Kit
  4. Weaving Loom
  5. Wooden Play Dough Tools
  6. Eco Dough

The Ultimate Eco Friendly & Natural Toy Gift Guide

All of these toys are great natural toy choices for almost any young child. Nothing beats safe, good quality, and environmentally friendly toys!

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