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Tips for Healing Acne Naturally

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Tips for Healing Acne Naturally YEM

For the last 3 months, I have been testing out a natural way to help calm my hormonal acne, and minimize my breakouts. I literally want to shout from the rooftops because I finally found something that works after two years of horrible cystic breakouts on my chin, and it only takes four simple, natural products!

Here’s a little background to get us started…

Ever since my daughter was born a little over two years ago, I have suffered from some nasty hormonal acne. I usually only get it on my chin and sometimes around my temples certain times of my monthly cycle, but at one point it was so bad that I was starting to notice some serious scarring! During that time I tried so many different acne treatments, and they only seemed to work for a couple of weeks, or just make it way worse almost immediately. After doing some research, and realizing that my acne is most likely caused by a hormone imbalance, I threw away all of my strong chemical acne medication and headed out to buy some all natural goodness! My thought process was that all of these acids and chemicals were probably only hurting the natural balance of my skin, which was just making my skin inflamed.

I came across this article from Liz Marie Blog and based my skin care routine from hers. After a couple of months of testing and changing the routine a little, I can say I have finally found the best skin care routine I have EVER had.

So, here are those magical ingredients:


Yep! Coconut oilwitch hazel, and tea tree oil! I am still playing around with finding a natural moisturizer that I like as well, because the grapeseed oil as suggested in the article did not agree with my skin. I did not want to suggest the moisturizer I am currently using, because I am not really satisfied with it, but once I find one that I am satisfied with, I will be sure to share!

Daily Facial Cleansing Routine*

  • I splash my face with warm water, and scoop out a chunk of coconut oil about the size of a quarter. I rub that all over my face and in the acne prone areas for about 20-30 seconds.
  • I then take a warm washcloth and scrub my face in circles for about another 20 seconds before finally rinsing all of the excess oil from my face.
  • I dry my face and apply the witch hazel with a cotton ball.
  • Apply a VERY small amount of tea tree essential oil to the tip of a q-tip and onto any breakout areas I have.
  • And finally, I moisturize!

I do this routine every morning, and at night right before bed. The acne on my face has decreased significantly. I definitely did not realize that the harsh acne cleansers were just making my acne worse by over-drying and irritating my skin.

I would also like to point out that it took at least a month before my face started to get better, and it actually got worse first! I would highly suggest if you choose to try a natural skin care routine, that you stick with it for a month or so before changing it. It takes your body a while to adjust to the changes but it will be so worth it once you find what works best for you!

It was extremely clear that all of the drug store junk I was scrubbing my face with was completely over-drying it and making it way worse than it should have been. I am so happy that I have found a more natural alternative, and I hope that I can help someone else by sharing this information!

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*Please remember that I am not a Medical Doctor. My blog is for informational purposes only, and what I write is just personal opinion. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a professional.

8 Ways to Improve Your Health with Apple Cider Vinegar

I always knew vinegar was a fantastic alternative to nasty chemicals when it came to cleaning, but when someone mentioned that I could improve my health with apple cider vinegar, and use it to cure the acne on my face, I was honestly a bit skeptical. I had tried everything to get rid of the awful acne on my chin. It showed up after my daughter was born two years ago, and decided it was happy staying. I finally gave apple cider vinegar a try, and to my surprise it actually worked!

ACV has played a huge part restoring the natural PH balance of my skin, and I have since learned a lot about ACV and the natural ways it can improve your health. Below, I have shared just a handful of the ways your can improve your health with apple cider vinegar, but I would first like to mention exactly what kind of ACV you should be using. When purchasing ACV, make sure that it is Organic, unfiltered, unpasturized, and includes the “Mother.” ACV that is unpasturized and includes the “mother” contains enzymes and other antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral components that most other ACV’s do not. The ACV that I use is Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and it can be found in most natural grocery stores for around three dollars.

improve your health with apple cider vinegar

So, let’s get started….

#1 Sunburn

Add 1 cup of ACV to your bath water. This should relieve some of the pain associated with sunburn. After soaking for a while, hopefully your pain will lessen, and you will be relaxed of course!

#2 Colds

When a person catches a cold or virus, their bodies usually end up overly acidic. By taking a couple of Tablespoons of ACV, with some honey, lemon juice, and warm water, it will reduce symptoms, as well as help to fight the virus with its antiviral properties. It should also give you a little burst of energy!

#3 Acne

ACV works as a natural toner for the skin. Mix 1 part ACV with 2 parts water. apply with a cotton ball to your face after washing. I usually apply it at night, because honestly it doesn’t smell the greatest. It really works though! It may be a little too drying or harsh for some skin, so if necessary, you can always add more water to dilute the solution. You can also use it every other day if you need to.

#4 Balance Your Entire Inner Body System

The body is constantly striving to achieve a state of equilbrium. Most people are too acidic, and taking ACV internally counteracts the acidity and keeps your body working as a fine tuned machine. By taking 2 Tablespoons of ACV mixed into your glass of water a few times a day, your body’s PH levels will become more balanced, which will in turn have positive effects on your entire body.

#5 Re-Energize

 What mama couldn’t use a burst of energy every once in a while?! Have yourself a shot of ACV for a quick burst of energy a few times a day!

#6 Constipation

Going back to #4, adding a couple of Tablespoons of ACV to your water a few times a day will aid in balancing the correct bacteria in your gut, as well as keep your bowel movements more regular.

#7 Diabetes

 Scientific studies have shown that ACV helps to raise the blood sugar in patients with Type 2 Diabetes!

#8 Hair

Add 1/2 Tablespoons of ACV to a bottle, along with 1 cup of water. Rinse with the ACV solution after shampooing a few times a week for strong, shiny hair.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to apple cider vinegar. It is something that everyone should have in their cabinets. I hope that I was able to open your eyes and inspire you to take  a more natural approach to your health with this post.

“For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.” — Pfeiffer’s Law, Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer, M.D., PhD.

*I am not a Doctor or Health Professional. Please do not attempt any of these suggestions without first consulting with a health professional.

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