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Teaching Thankfulness- Thankfulness Garland Craft

I’m certain many parents have had that moment when they realize their children may not show much gratitude or thankfulness towards something or someone.

My moment was when my daughter sat in front of the TV screaming, “I want that! and that! and that for my Birfday!” over every single toy commercial. She did not comprehend that the toys she receives for her birthday are something given to her by others out of love, and she definitely didn’t care for them like they were something she was thankful for.

Teaching Thankfulness

I’m not saying that children are the only ones that need reminded about thankfulness and gratitude. We as parents need to take time and appreciate thing things we are thankful for as well.There’s no better time than the present to start teaching our children about thankfulness and gratitude, and we ourselves will start appreciating more as well.

Family Thankfulness Garland

One way to get started is to make a family thankfulness garland. This is ours, and we’ve just recently started it, but hopefully it will be large enough to hang somewhere special soon!

Thankfulness Activity Fall Thankfulnes Garland

Each day we grab a few fabric scraps that we’ve pre-cut (little ones have fun choosing the fabric to use as well). We talk about things that we are thankful for and write them out on the scraps, then tie them to the twine. It gets the conversation going and it only takes a few minutes a day.

Thankfulness Craft Fall Thankfulness Garland

You will be so surprised at the conversations you will have with your little ones doing this activity. Our family has loved it, and it’s a great conversation starter when you have guests too!

There are so many ways to teach thankfulness and gratitude. Some other simple ideas you might like are this Thanksgiving Cooties Catcher, a Gratitude Bowl, or these adorable Thank You Cookies.

Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Thankfulness- Thankfulness Garland Craft

  1. Elle C. Mayberry

    Love this post, Riley. What a fun way to engage the kids in practicing daily gratitude! This would complement our “happy jar” — full of ideas and activities that lift the spirits — wonderfully!


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