What I Didn’t Know About Sugar


Last week, we were at a seminar with many other people hoping to become patients of a great Doctor in our area who studies Integrative Medicine. Her name was Dr. Lasalle, and she spoke for quite a while about how much your diet affects your health and happiness.

To be straight to the point, she basically said “You are what you eat, or what you absorb, really.” 

She then continued to tell us something about sugar I did not realize:


It didn’t really hit me until I got home and checked the nutrition labels on some of the things I had been feeding my children, thinking they were relatively healthy.

Wow. The juice they had been drinking contained a whopping 36 GRAMS of SUGAR per serving.

That is 9 TEASPOONS of sugar! Imagine scooping 9 teaspoons of white sugar and dumping it on to your countertop. That would be a pretty large pile, and my babies were drinking that in a serving of juice.

Dr Lasalle then explained why sugar has a negative effect on our bodies. Imagine grabbing a wet paper towel and trying to wipe up 9 teaspoons of sugar from your countertop. It is sticky, and it won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub.

That is what happens in our bodies. Sugar gums up our system and creates problems internally.

I am now continually checking the amount of sugar in things I am feeding my kids. I have always been one to limit their intake on candy and sweets, but because of Dr. Lasalle, I have begun to check labels on everything. Things you would not even expect to have much sugar, have extreme amounts.

If you are interested in learning more about the negative effects of sugar, Wellness Mama has a great article here.

If you would like some great recipes for sweets that are healthy and do not contain much sugar, I highly recommend the book Against All Grains: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well and Feel Great by Danielle Walker*

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*I do not make any profit from recommending or selling this book. It is a book that I have personally found helpful, and am in no way gaining anything from recommending it.

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8 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Know About Sugar

  1. Kate

    Great read! I never thought about it from the perspective of wiping it up off the counter…icky! We cut back on added sugars ages ago and when we do use added sugar it is always in the form of a natural sugar.

  2. triciathegoodmama

    Yes, most processed things have a ton of sugar. Also, things that are low in fat probably are really high in sugar. I make most things from scratch and we don’t drink juice. I got into the habit of reading labels when my son became allergic to dairy and soy (he has since grown out of it, thankfully). Sugar is hidden in everything!

  3. Emily Crutcher

    Great read! Natural products for kids for the go. (Luckily I try and keep my little boy away from sweets, in trade for fruit, though I’m not so successful in away from chocolate!) Not that I seem to stick to the same for me.. I feed my children like royalty and me.. well.. I suppose chicken nuggets will do for dinner again! ha ha


  4. Louise @ Birds and Lilies

    I do already try to limit sugar for my daughter and I, but it is really scary how much sugar is in some things and we don’t even realise. Thanks for sharing; I think it’s really important and people should be made aware of it xx #SundayStars

  5. Astrid

    Wow, this is totally interesting. I am not a natural health nut, and in fact I binge on candy, but I didn’t realize even supposed-to-be-healthy drinks like juices contain that much sugar. I totally understand how it’s bad for your health. I don’t check food labels, but I guess this will motivate me to at least cut down on candy and other high-Sugar foods/drinks.


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